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Medical Supplies


BD Discardit® II Syringe With Needle

BD Discardit® II syringe with needle is a sterile disposable syringe designed fo...More info

from USD 2.50 per pack

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BD Ultra-Fine® Needle Insulin Syringe

BD Ultra-Fine® needle insulin syringe is a sterile disposable syringe for subcut...More info

from USD 0.53 per pack

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Eyeliner Applicators

Category: Medical Supplies

Brand: Eyeliner Applicators

Customer rating:

Eyeliner applicators are disposable tools used to apply Bimatoprost solution (Lu...More info

from USD 13.65 per pack

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Pill Cutter

Category: Medical Supplies

Brand: Pill Cutter

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Pill cutter is a handy lockable tool used to carefully divide pills into smaller...More info

from USD 14.70 per pack

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Sterile Water for Injection

Category: Medical Supplies

Brand: Sterile Water for Injection

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Sterile water is a clean, nonpyrogenic, distilled water used for injection use o...More info

from USD 2.03 per ampoules

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